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Helheim Hassle for PlayStation 4 Reviews

Playstation Official Magazine UK

Feb 5, 2021

The idea of solving puzzles
with detachable limbs is
interesting, but the execution
is a bit simple. Since you can’t
take a single step without
having to solve another puzzle,
the satisfaction of overcoming
them is pretty short-lived, too.
However, Helheim Hassle offers
some excellent, goofy dialogue
and characters, so solving
puzzles can feel like something
you have to get over with in
order to get to those bits. The
game lives off its cartoony,
over-the top art style and
absurd situations. Its humour is
its biggest strength – dry and
self-deprecating, sometimes
reminiscent of adventure
classics like Monkey Island.
While the puzzles are a bit of a
letdown, on the whole
you get an entertaining
game with a few great
laughs. [[email protected]#185, p.82]

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