Warhammer Event Gets Rebranded With A June Livestream Planned

The week-long event Warhammer Skulls (previously called Skulls for the Skull Throne) kicks off on Thursday, June 3 with a livestream dedicated to all things Warhammer, including information about new games.

The presentation goes live on June 3 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST on the official Warhammer Twitch channel. Fans can expect a bevy of announcements, from new games to updates planned for available titles. There are even opportunities to get store-specific free-to-keep games during Warhammer Skulls, though the offerings haven’t been specified. In either case, fans should check storefronts across GOG, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Steam, and Xbox for various content. This includes discounts on games and DLC, preorder offerings, and free updates.

This year marks the fifth Warhammer Skulls event. Typically taking place on Steam inside various associated games, the week-long celebration inundates fans with a litany of Warhammer content. This includes

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New Destruction Allstars Update Will Add Online Bots

Developer Lucid Games took to Reddit to outline some upcoming Destruction AllStars updates, with one specifically adding online bots to all of the PS5-exclusive vehicular combat game’s modes except for Blitz.

The studio said it recognizes Destruction AllStars’ peak times and how unpopulated servers can become, hence the inclusion of online bots. Whenever real players can’t fill a match, online bots will step in as their replacement. This occurs on all game modes except for Blitz, with Lucid Games saying that the competitive mode “will never feature [online bots].”

Two other planned updates for Destruction AllStars include the introduction of Global Parties for players to more easily group-up with friends and a Playlist feature that lets players select the specific game mode they want.

Lucid said there aren’t any “definitive dates for when these [updates] go live” but assured fans more content drops are planned and coming soon.

Other features

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E3 2021: The Games And Announcements We Really Want To See This Year

We’ve once again entered E3 season–that magical time of the year when the industry’s biggest companies and developers unveil their latest games. While this year’s festivities consist of digital-only events, that doesn’t mean there won’t be some exciting news coming. As we await what’s in store, the GameSpot team compiled their biggest predictions and wishes for E3 2021 and all its surrounding events. Below you can find what we dearly hope will get announced at the show, whether it’s realistic or a complete pipedream.

For more about the upcoming festivities, be sure to check out our E3 2021 schedule feature, which details when it’s happening, where to watch all the streams, and who’s participating this year. And stay tuned all month long for Play For All, GameSpot’s event that will feature coverage of E3, other summer events, and a charity effort to raise money for AbleGamers.

From Software Finally Shows

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Google Stops Making Video games For Stadia, Relying On Third

Nonetheless, if anybody is looking to play on 4K 60Hz, then they’re going to must depend on Chromecast Extremely. Google Stadia launched on November 19th, 2019.

how much does stadia pro cost

One of the games reportedly canned as Google Stadia struggled to achieve traction was from Steel Gear Stable and Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima. No matter whether it appears to be that you are getting rapid knowledge in the settlement you have got made together with your internet service, you’ll be able to’t make certain of this circumstance. Consequently, before utilizing Google Stadia, particularly earlier than altering to Professional membership, make certain to check your velocity and guarantee your internet pace. Each association could offer an alternate speed and quality, contingent upon the locale and framework the place the endorsers are found. It isn’t all the time clear what controllers can be utilized with which online game streaming … Read more

Unreal Engine 5 — Devs On How The Engine Will Transform Next-Gen Games

Epic Games recently showcased Unreal Engine 5 and announced that the next-generation game development toolsuite is now available in early access ahead of its planned public release in early 2022. Epic showed off the capabilities of the new engine with a thoroughly impressive tech demo called Valley of the Ancient–and you can see more of that here.

To learn more about Unreal Engine 5, Valley of the Ancient, and what Epic has in store for the future of gaming, we spoke with Unreal Engine senior technology designer Chance Ivey and VP of engineering Nick Penwarden. They touched on numerous exciting updates about Unreal Engine 5, including how it will allow for a new level of visual fidelity that wasn’t possible before and how, overall, the engine gives power to developers to streamline their workflows and create games faster and more efficiently.

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