Umurangi Generation review – chic photographic hide-and-seek | Simulation games

Many contemporary video games include a “photo mode” to enable the player to pause the action, position a virtual camera and take a snapshot of a scene (and then, the designers surely hope, post the results online, enabling grassroots marketing). Few make photography the entire point of the enterprise, however. Nintendo’s recent Pokémon Snap asked us to capture images of its mythic animals doing noteworthy things on safari-style tours, before grading the results. Umurangi Generation, another rare example of the genre, is less interested in making value judgments about your virtual photography (“Art is subjective,” the game’s tutorial assures); instead, you are whisked to a series of highly stylised scenes and given 10 minutes to collect a set of specific shots to a tight brief: seven birds, two boomboxes, a mountain, and so on.

The world is rendered in jagged polygons straight out of a late-90s PlayStation game

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