Woman Wins Guinness World Records For Vintage Gaming Collection

Image of woman standing in front of cabinet filled with boxes of LCD and handheld games.

Linda Guillory began collecting handheld gaming systems when she was eight-years-old. She’s my new hero.
Screenshot: Guinness World Records

Y’all! A Black woman was named the winner of not one but two world records for having the largest collection of LCD and playable gaming systems and my mind is alight with joy.

By the numbers, Linda Guillory’s two world records come from her collection of 1,599 LCD gaming systems and 2,430 playable gaming systems. And today, Guinness World Records announced Guillory of Richardson, Texas earned the two achievements for her massive collection of thousands of handheld, tabletop, and even watch-based gaming systems.

These aren’t gaming systems as we might think of consoles and handhelds now, rather they’re more like the Tiger Electronic handhelds of yore. Guilllory’s collection also includes traditional video games. In Guinness’ profile video, Guillory shows off a massive cabinet of old video games, saying that she

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