Marvel’s Midnight Suns Is A Card Game Without Loot Boxes

Marvel superheroes stand in front of a ring of fire.

Screenshot: 2K Games

We knew almost nothing about Marvel: Midnight Suns when it was revealed at Gamescom last week other than the fact that it was a strategy game being developed by XCOM-makers Firaxis Games. Today the studio showed off actual gameplay, and it turns out the tactics game’s combat will be card-based.

Still there? Great. So here’s how it works. Unlike a traditional XCOM game where you select actions from a menu based on customized loadouts, Midnight Suns will have you choose actions from a hand of cards randomly drawn at the start of battle. Some cards are straightforward attacks. Others might maneuver you around the environment in such a way that you can exploit the terrain to knock an enemy off a building or trigger an explosion behind them.

It looks like each card has a cost that will deplete your action points for the turn.

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