Apex Legends Season 9 Launch Has A Rocky Start, Dev Promises Fixes Coming Soon


Apex Legends Season 9 launched to an enthusiastic response from players–but developer Respawn’s servers weren’t prepared for just how enthusiastic they would be. Since the season’s release earlier today, players have faced an array of problems with Apex Legends due to overloaded infrastructure, including extreme difficulty getting into matches.

Respawn has been sharing its progress on rolling out fixes all day today on Twitter, but it has yet to fully squash the issues plaguing its servers. In its latest tweet, Respawn stated that unlocked characters and marketplace services should be returned to normal soon. In addition, some players have increasingly had success joining matches, but the problems seem to persist for others.

It’s always a shame when server issues pester a game during a launch window like this, but scaling server infrastructure is always extremely hard and Respawn has committed to focusing on regaining stability. We’ll update this story when all of the issues are resolved.

Season 9, titled Legacy, brings with it a host of changes and additions, most notably a permeant team deathmatch mode called Arenas and a compound bow weapon. The Season 9 patch also overhauls the Lifeline character. For the whole list of changes, check out the Apex Legends Season 9 patch notes.

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