Call Of Duty: Warzone’s Mara Catches Cheaters On Twitch, Gets Them Banned


Alex Zedra, a gun-focused Instagram model and Twitch streamer–as well as the likeness for Mara in Call of Duty: Warzone–has no love for cheaters in the game. She managed to catch two players using auto-aim tools while she was streaming, and the exposure resulted in a swift ban.

Zedra hosted one of the streamers, who went by the name IcyVixen on Twitch, and she’s seen popping from behind a hill and sniping an enemy almost instantly from a long distance away.

Her partner, who goes by the name BeardedBanger, can be heard in a separate clip bragging about his kill-to-death ratio, as well as how quickly he was becoming partnered on Twitch. His gameplay is even more obviously done through cheating, however, and the clip is extremely vulgar, so we won’t share it here–if you click through the tweet above, you can see it.

Both players appear to have had their Twitch accounts suspended because of the incident. Bragging about your skill level while showing yourself blatantly cheating on a stream is probably not the best idea. BeardedBanger can be seen in previous game sessions auto-locking onto players’ heads so quickly that there is no way it could have been done without software.

Zedra herself was involved in controversy last month when photographer Clayton Haugen accused Activision of copying his own character, Cade Janus, who had also been portrayed by Zedra. He alleged in a lawsuit that Activision used the same makeup artist when it was developing her character for Call of Duty, as well. His post that featured Zedra was from 2018, about a year before she was announced as a Call of Duty character.

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