Capcom Arcade Stadium Going Multiplatform In May, Will Add More Games


The retro collection Capcom Arcade Stadium for Nintendo Switch will get more packs of games after the collection comes to more platforms later in May, Capcom has revealed. Currently, the game offers three different retro packs grouped according to different eras of Capcom’s arcade output. While we don’t know what the new games are, or when they’ll be coming, more features are coming to the game to celebrate its multiplatform launch.

Those features include an invincibility mode that allows players to triumph over the games without having to dump virtual quarter after quarter in, as well as a set of display frames for your digital arcade. The invincibility mode and the frames cost $1 each, while each pack of games within Capcom Arcade Stadium cost $15 each, or all three currently available for $40. Capcom Arcade Stadium will come to PS4, Xbox One, and Steam on May 25, along with the two new paid features.

In addition to Capcom Arcade Stadium, Capcom revealed that Ghost ‘n Goblins Resurrection–a modern reboot of the infamously-difficult arcade game–will come to PS4, Xbox One, and Steam on June 1. It’s been available on Switch for a while now, and unlike its forebears, it features adjustable difficulty settings. It also has limited co-op which allows another player to control three supporting characters to help Arthur save the day.

Capcom’s most high-profile release of the coming months is definitely Resident Evil Village, also known as Resident Evil 8. If you’re curious about the upcoming horror game, its limited-time demo for May .

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