Chronos: Before the Ashes for PlayStation 4 Reviews

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Awful game with awful concepts. Imagine a **** version of dark souls with slow motion. Game runs like **** and loading screens have a tendency to go on forever. The map design is pretty bad, a lot of reused assets that make every area bland. The enemy design is pretty **** with a lot of enemies just dying to R2 spam and oh yea, if you’re playing the game for the “bosses”, don’t expect anything good. Like the final **** boss is the dragon reused asset from remnant from the ashes. Bosses are not that creative, they’re pretty boring and piss easy to fight. Design choices such as having to interact with a chest from your inventory just to open it is pretty dumb and a waste of time. If you think that the aging mechanic is “unique” or that it makes the game more interesting, let me tell you that it just makes the game less fun, all this “magic gets stronger as you grow older” is bull****, the magic in this game is just particle effects on your weapon with no use, unless your activate your “dragon stone ability”, your stamina regen when your old takes forever, which adds to the unnecessary frustration to the game. And oh yea let’s not forget about the **** healing mechanic that takes forever to heal yourself while standing in place making you vulnerable to enemy attacks
Basically just save your 30 bucks and buy something that is actually nice instead of wasting it on this ****

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