Fortnite Team Disqualified From Tournament Following A Disrespectful Tweet


A trio of Fortnite competitive players has been disqualified from the Fortnite Championship Series following a tweet that came from one of the team members that stated Epic Games chief creative officer Donald Mustard should kill himself.

According to Polygon, in a now deleted tweet, player Wrigley posted a message that read, “Like literally fucking k!ll your$elf @donaldmustard,” tagging Mustard. Epic disqualified Wrigley afterwards, along with their teammates Dictate and Userz, citing the company’s community rules that it is not allowed for players to interact “with others in a way that is predatory, threatening, intimidating, lewd, demeaning, derogatory, invasive of privacy, or abusive.”

The three players were competing in the NA East region of the FNCS, and the upcoming championship presented the possibility of earning a $3 million cash prize for the winning team. Following the disqualification, members Dictate and Userz spoke out about the ban.

“I wish we would be able to have an opportunity for an emergency sub, what Wrigley did was completely out of our control and we put endless amount of time into the game for a chance at life-changing money,” Userz tweeted, calling for folks to tweet at FNCS organizers in hopes of reversing their and Dictate’s ban.

“Gonna be honest I was kinda just laughing it off yesterday when I got the email but now I wanna cry,” Dictate tweeted.

Talking to Polygon, Dictate said, “I’m really confused on why my teammate and I, who didn’t have anything to do with the comment our other teammate made, don’t get to receive our $600 in prize money? We did not cheat our way into the grand finals so it makes no sense that our guaranteed prize was just completely taken away from us.”

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