Here’s Stadia And Discord Running On Xbox Series X’s Browser


Earlier in March, Microsoft started testing its updated Chromium-powered Edge browser for the Xbox Series X, giving access to users in the Alpha Skip Ahead group, as reported by The Verge. Now, one tester with access to the upgraded browser has shown the console running both Discord and Google Stadia.

According to The Verge editor Tom Warren who posted the short videos on Twitter, the browser is still a bit buggy in its beta iteration. Discord, for example, won’t allow mic input for users going through the Series X’s browser, but everything else works as expected.

Warren also posted a short clip of Google Stadia running through the console’s browser, which included him firing up Destiny 2. While the clip doesn’t show the game actually running, it seemed to load up fine on the Series X.

While playing games in Stadia through a browser on a console may seem like a roundabout way to access them, Stadia has some exclusives that the Xbox doesn’t, and having access to both will save gamers from having to re-buy the same game on different platforms.

Microsoft hasn’t revealed when the new browser will be getting a wider release on the Xbox Series X, but gamers who are part of the Alpha Skip Ahead testing group can go ahead and have a play with it now.


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