Jennifer Hale Wants Shepard To Be In Mass Effect 4


In a sentiment most Mass Effect fans will agree with, female Shepard voice actor Jennifer Hale has said that she wants to see Commander Shepard back for Mass Effect 4. “I want Shepard back 100{c76313c41d7a3a36da04db4131aad06dea0e1c7723f5ca55b60cd72c13f7a1d3},” Hale said in an interview with GameInformer. “I want to explore the relationships, you know, with Garrus, Thane, Liara–all of that,” she added.

“I would like for FemShep to be able to romance Tali, and I would like everyone to be able to romance Jack,” Hale added, though it’s still unclear whether Mass Effect 4 will accommodate for further Shepard romances–and unfortunately the recently released Mass Effect: Legendary Edition didn’t include such sweeping changes.

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Not much is known yet about the next game in the Mass Effect series. The game’s announcement trailer showed returning character Liara finding a piece of Shepard’s iconic N7 armor, suggesting that the game will follow on from the original trilogy. It’s unclear how soon it will pick up after the events of Mass Effect 3, considering Liara’s species’ incredible longevity.

It’s still possible the next Mass Effect game could pick up with Shepard directly, though if it ends up set after the character’s lifespan, we still hope Shepard will be included in the game in some form or another. Hale also hinted that she would be interested in voicing other characters in the Mass Effect universe.

“I just want to jump back into this story in any capacity,” Hale said. “I love it so much, and I also want to be like [Male Shepard voice actor] Mark Meer where I can be this weird alien that nobody knows it’s me,” she added, referring to the extra alien voices Meer contributed to the original trilogy.

While details about Mass Effect 4 are still thin on the ground, you can check out everything we do know about the upcoming game here.

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