New Apex Legends Arenas Flash Event Adds Cute Wattson Skin


Apex Legends’ second Arenas Flash Event is live now, running for just one week through to June 1. A bunch of prizes are on offer for completing the challenges, with the most interesting of the lot being three brand new skins: the adorable Kawaii Voltage skin for Wattson, Bright Plumage for Bloodhound, and the Playing Koi skin for the EVA-8 shotgun.

The Flash event is the second so far for the new Arenas 3v3 mode, with an impressive prize track for players to make their way through over the course of the week. Players can complete Arenas-based challenges to earn points and redeem rewards along the prize track. The new event comes just after a recent update fixed the bug on Wattson’s fences, as well as adding penalties for players who leave an Arenas match before it’s finished.

The biggest rewards on the prize track include the Playing Koi skin at 2000 points, Kawaii Voltage at 3000 points, and Bright Plumage at 5000 points as the penultimate event prize. Players can also earn up to 39 battle pass stars if they complete the full track, providing a nice boost to anyone who might be a bit behind on the current pass.

The second Arenas Flash event is live now in Apex Legends, running through to June 1.

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