What Is A SIEM System?

Having a SIEM system can help protect your organization from cyber-attacks. This software lets you view your network’s security events and detect suspicious activity. This is a great way to combat harsh attacks. But if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your SIEM system, you have to make sure to update it regularly. You should keep logs and notifications updated and refine them to detect threats better. 

Overview of SIEM

The SIEM system stores various types of data and analyzes it to determine anomalies. These systems send alerts to security analysts and suspend unusual activity. SIEM systems employ data analysis and correlation engines to make sense of all this data. These tools combine machine learning and artificial intelligence to find patterns in data and provide security analysts with valuable data. 

First, the SIEM system supports encrypted data transfer. The system is generally certified secure and cryptographically bound. Users can Read more