This DIY Kit Turns Your Game Boy Advance SP Into An Arcade

The Game Boy Advance SP is one of the best handheld systems ever made, fixing nearly every issue the original Game Boy Advance model had while also lookin a whole lot sleeker. It’s also, apparently, the perfect system to use in a DIY-style tiny arcade kit, and you can buy one for yourself now.

Available in a variety of styles from the Etsy seller RetroJoyGaming, these Game Boy Advance mini arcade kits come with pre-sized pieces of wood that have been stained and oiled, leaving room for you to pop your open system in and start gaming like you’re playing on an arcade cabinet. There are even little marked cutouts for where the shoulder and power buttons go so you don’t need to remove it to turn it off or play a more complex game.

You’ll also get a design template in case you want to then add your own custom artwork to it, and you can pop your system back out if you want to use it the standard way again. because of the cartridge slot being on the bottom, it’s also easier to swap out a game when you want to play something new. Sure, there aren’t any coins, but you can always cut out your own little slot to pretend.

As an optional mod, you can add a tiny joystick to the control pad, though this does require drilling through the existing pad and screwing it in place and should really only be done if you don’t plan on using the Game Boy Advance SP for anything else.

It’s certainly a unique take on the at-home arcade space and quite a bit cheaper than the pre-made machines available from other companies. With lots of arcade ports available on the Game Boy Advance, as well, it’ll feel even more authentic to play on it.

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