You Can Now Earn Rewards For Referring Friends To Pokemon Go


Niantic has launched a new referral program for Pokemon Go, hoping to lure more players back to the augmented reality game. Existing players can share a referral code with a friend who has never played Pokemon Go, or who hasn’t logged into their account in over 90 days, with both players receiving rewards in the process.

The referral system is progress-based, meaning the person being referred back to the game will have to complete certain milestones in order for both players to continue earning rewards. Potential rewards include Pokémon encounters, Rare Candy, Incubators, and more.

While Pokemon Go’s revenue is quite healthy, with 2020 seeing the game take in over $1 billion, player numbers peaked in the first few months of the game, and have fallen further in the last year or so according to estimates.

In order to use the referral program, existing players can generate a referral code by tapping “Invite” on the Friends screen. The new player then inputs that code either during the sign-up process or on their own Friends screen if they already have an inactive account.

A number of other new events are happening in April alongside the launch of the referral program. April will see a new spring-themed event, raids for Tornadus, Thundurus, And Landorus, and a new Community Day featuring Snivy. Check out everything coming to Pokemon Go in April here.

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